ISIS Based Movie “The Kerela Story” – Truth or a Lie

The Kerala Story movie based on the recruitment for ISIS of Hindu girls by converting them into Islam.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is a terrorist organization that emerged from the ashes of the Iraqi insurgency and the Syrian civil war.

How ISIS Started?

In 2004, a militant group called Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) was formed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian national who had previously fought in Afghanistan. AQI sought to establish an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and waged a brutal insurgency against US-led coalition forces and the Iraqi government.

After Zarqawi was killed in a US airstrike in 2006, the group underwent a series of transformations and rebrandings. In 2010, it became known as the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), and in 2013, it expanded into Syria and became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS quickly gained territory and declared a caliphate in 2014. The group’s brutal tactics, including beheadings, crucifixions, and mass executions, horrified the world and drew condemnation from governments and religious leaders worldwide.

ISIS claimed to be fighting for a pure, Islamic state and used social media and propaganda to recruit fighters from around the world. The group also earned significant revenue from oil sales, extortion, and other criminal activities.

Despite significant territorial losses, including the loss of its self-declared capital in Raqqa, Syria in 2017, ISIS remains active in several countries and continues to pose a significant threat to global security.

Kerala Story of ISIS

According to the Article published on “The Guardian” by Michael Safi on 28 November, 2016 so many Young Muslims left their homes and families saying that they are going for Islamic studies in Sri Lanka but went for ISIS training in Afghanistan and sent an audio clip to their families “do not worry and no need to complain to police as we do not have plans on returning back from abode of Allah”.

DGP Loknath Behera who was about to retire on June 30, 2021, reported:

“According to the inputs, Kerala is a recruiting ground because the people here are educated and the IS requires engineers and doctors. But we have dealt with it in a systematic way and it has come down. After the exodus of 21 families to IS-controlled areas, we did lots of things.

How many went after that? We have formed one of the best ATSs in the country and it is doing a great job behind the scene. That’s why there is not much concern. But we cannot be complacent.”

Also, there has been a huge crackdown on the Love Jihad that have been continuously growing in India where Muslim youths pretend to be a Hindu guy and make Hindu girls fall in love with them and once the Hindu girls are trapped in this, they will be asked to convert into Islam.

The Shocking part is whether these girls convert in Islam or not, either way they were tortured, raped, and at the end may get murdered and there body will cut into several pieces and thrown away in order to dispose off and manipulate Police in their investigation.

Since, many girls were converted to Islam and then sent to ISIS camps and many of their parents were either killed or feared to come up to speak about this, in official reports number of missing girls remained less.

So based on the information available on several online news sites and blogs, the claim and concern shown in the file The Kerala Story sounds to be true and genuine.

Why You Should Watch The Kerala Story?

We think that the answer is already known, its just like most of the Hindus, administrative system, Judicial System, and Media do not like to talk about this openly even after knowing all of these because it is very easy to oppress, exploit, insult and victimize Hindus in their only country than speaking truth on TV.

We often hear that when a Hindu gets killed by a Muslim then no one will talk about it, no sensation in new, everyone will act as if nothing happened but if a Muslim gets killed due to their unlawful act then entire system gets activated and starts crying for that person and portray that person as an innocent showing half truth on TV.

Who is Responsible For What is Happening with Hindus?

Answer is clear, its The Hindus themselves, you will say/ask why? It’s simple, Hindus are still divided on the basis of their caste like Yadav, Rajput, Brahmin, Chamar, etc., but what they don’t reralise is its the Britishers who divided Hindus to keep India into the conflicts and progress slowly.

Its Hindus who do not see such acts as a threat where Muslims are pelting stones just standing beside Police, they are raping and murdering Hindus women every day and yet gets bail from Supreme Court with a statement that “Every Sinner has a Future”. Hindus are not able to understand that entire system is busy in praising them and oppressing Hindus at every stage.

Hindus rely on law and order while law and order is silent on violence and riots by Muslims in India. Not even silent, at many occasions, law and order seen to be hiding such crimes.

In India few parts of Kerala is already running on Sharia law, many parts of many states are already going through demographic changes where Muslim populations, Majjars and Mosques are rapidly increasing day by day by encroaching govt. lands.

West Bengal (Where government is openly supporting and motivating Muslims on their act and working according to them only), Uttarakhand, Rajasthan (even UNESCO sites are encroached by Muslims and houses were build inside the heritage), Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, UP, Bihar, Assam, Manipur, etc.

Mostly they use kids for most of the unlawful activities as they know that Kids will not be charged for long and will get bail soon under the Juvenile Act, Hindus think that those kids are just kids and misguided but what they don’t realize is that if those kids will get a chance, they won’t hesitate to chop off your head.

All of these people have everything very well organized, and everyone knows their role in order to execute Ghazwa-e-Hind in India and everyone is working at their own pace to achieve this goal. People in India are not realizing that they are planning to do partition like 1947 again and split India into pieces.


If Hindus are planning to act upon all of such unlawful activities, land encroachment, and demographic changes then now is the only time because from every direction, every other people who wants to destroy Hindu culture and society are attacking in every possible way, whether by influencing people through big celebrities, cricketers, Love Jihad, Identity Jihad ( a new way of Jihad where Muslims hide their identity to get businesses and money from Hindus), violence, conversion done daily by both Muslims and Missionaries, etc.

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